2010 Pre-College Counselor Positions-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Pre-College Counselor Positions

Deadline 24 February by 4:00pm

Pre-College 2010 Counselor Position Description and Application Process

For over three decades, Carnegie Mellon’s Pre-College program has provided high-school age students the opportunity to experience college life at a major university prior to their entrance to Carnegie Mellon or another institution. Currently, the program draws over 500 students to a sixweek program each summer. Students may participate in one of the following program areas:

  • Fine Arts Programs: survey courses in either Architecture, Art, Design, Drama or Music
  • Advanced Placement/Early Action: two Carnegie Mellon courses covering a full semester’s material in mathematics, sciences, computer programming or the humanities and social sciences
  • The National High School Gaming Academy

The mission of the Pre-College program is to provide students with a safe, comfortable, and challenging environment that supplements their academic and artistic endeavors in a program designed to meet the specific needs of high-school age students.

Counselor Position Description
Pre-College Counselors are residential staff members who are responsible for all non-academic experiences and activities for students in the program. Counselors have the most direct out-ofclassroom contact with Pre-College students, each being responsible for 15-20 residential students.

As a team, the Counselor staff is responsible for:
• providing structure around the daily activities of program participants;
• planning and implementing small group and program-wide activities both on- and offcampus;
• upholding and role-modeling Pre-College program policies;
• serving as an ambassador for Carnegie Mellon and
• providing general assistance where needed.

Individually, Counselors will:
• assist Pre-College students with their personal growth and development;
• provide guidance and support to students in the program; and
• monitor the safety and well-being of program participants while on- and off-campus

Each Counselor is directly supervised by an Assistant Director, in concert with a Housefellow, who supports them in their work.

Compensation and Dates of Hire
Counselors are expected to begin their summer appointment on June 18, 2010 and end it on August 7, 2010. There will be a salary of $2700 for this period. The responsibilities of this position require residency in an assigned room on campus during the dates of employment.

Note: Due to the timeline for commitments in the Pre-College residential program, Counselor candidates pursuing Community Advisor and/or Resident Assistant positions must be able to satisfy concerns about their dual responsibilities. Candidates are encouraged to speak with the relevant supervising Housefellow regarding potential conflicts early in the application process.

The Application Process
Please submit a letter of intent and a current résumé to leaders@andrew.cmu.edu, with the subject line: “Pre-College Counselor Application”. Applications are due on Wednesday, February 24 by 4:00pm.

Your letter of intent should include:
(1) your motivation for applying for the position,
(2) a description of the skills, strengths and qualities you possess that you believe would facilitate your success in the role, and
(3) a statement regarding the unique elements of working with high school students (as opposed to college students) that would guide your efforts as a Counselor.

Your resume should also include the names and contact information for at least two references.

Following submission of your written application, you will be invited to schedule a 90-minute interview that will occur on either Friday, February 26 or Saturday, February 27. The interview will consist of two parts: a 45-minute group interview with six applicants, followed immediately by a 45-minute individual interview with a Housefellow or Pre-College Assistant Director. Decision letters will be made available on Thursday, March 4 at Noon in the Student Development Offic

If you have any questions about the responsibilities associated with the position or the selection process, please contact David Chickering, Coordinator of Pre-College Staff Selection, at 412-268-9510.

NOTE: By submitting an application, you authorize the Student Development Office to obtain information regarding your academic status and judicial conduct status for both the current semester and all previous semesters, to be considered in conjunction with your application.  Also, you authorize the Student Development Office to conduct reference checks at its discretion, with either the references you submit or other individuals whom you have a known formal relationship.

Important Dates to Consider
Counselor Move-In Day -- June 18, 2010
Counselor Training -- June19-25, 2010
Opening Day of Program -- June 26, 2010
Family Weekend -- July 16-18, 2010
Closing Day of Program for Pre-College Students -- August 7, 2010
Pre-College Staff Move Out -- August 8, 2010

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