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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Margaret B. Gruger (A'41) Faculty Fund

Kai Gutschow and Dale Clifford Announced as Winners

On Monday, 05 April, Associate Professor Kai Gutschow and Assistant Professor Dale Clifford were announced as the 2010 Margaret B. Gruger Faculty Fund recipients.

Associate Professor Gutschow's proposal, "Publicizing Pittsburgh's Postwar Modern Architecture", "seeks to help make publically accessible valuable research findings on Pitsburgh's postwar modern architecture, as part of a series of inter-connected, city=wide efforts at the moment to call attent to, and to celebrate Pittsburgh's rich architectural heritage fromthe post-World War II era."  Professor Gutschow proposes to achieve this through the creation of a vibrant, information-rich blog/website.

Assistant Professor Clifford's proposal, "Plywood Nervi, Material Experiements in Force Trajectories_plywood + carbon fiber", intends to form a course that advances the boundary of composite construction with materials plywood and carbon fiber.  The pedagogy will emanate from Material Experiments that characterize the relationshp between material placement, aesthetics and structural performance".  Professor Clifford will attempt to "produce an exhibit that will demonstrate logical and empirical proof of the materials and forces that give form to an architectural prospect."

The Margaret B. Gruger Faculty Fund has been established to support the needs of the School of Architecture and its faculty. To that end, the Head of the School is soliciting project proposals from the faculty that advance the mission and reputation of the School. Upon completion of the project, the recipients of funding will be required to make a public presentation of their work to the School community.

The Margaret B. Gruger (A'41) Faculty Fund is open to all current faculty of the School of Architecture.

Application [.pdf]