Making Things Interact and Gadgetry end-of-semester Demonstration Day-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making Things Interact and Gadgetry end-of-semester Demonstration Day

Wednesday 05 May 1630 – 1830, MMC 203

* D O U B L E   F E A T U R E  *

Join us for a fun afternoon of informal demonstrations of projects from two related classes, one in the Robotics Institute and the School of Design; the other in the School of Architecture.

"Gadgetry" is a new course in RI and Design taught by Tom Lauwers and Brian Kirby.  The aim of gadgetry is to enable students to become skilled designers of interactive gadgets.  They learn to design, assemble, and prototype custom circuit boards, select appropriate components, program embedded controllers, and evaluate their gadgets through user testing.   
“Making Things Interact” is a course in the School of Architecture, taught by Mark D Gross with Kuan Ju Wu and Cheng Xu. Students design and build interactive projects that combine physical form, mechanical behavior, electronic sensing and actuation, and computational control. The class attracts students graduate and undergraduates at all levels from across campus.
You will see …
• Devices to improve quality of life, like the sleep-meter or portable EKG.
• Gadgets to improve existing products, such as the remote control attitude heading for RC planes, the       Handypan for hand-held Gigapanography, and a CNC mill controller.
• Whimsical toys, like the bright-light finder or the magic wand.
• iBuffy ( interactive kickboxing), Energy Shake (an MP3 player to encourage exercise), the HeartRace Jacket, and a host of other projects related to health, sustainability, fun, and sex.
... and lots more