KieranTimberlake Seeking Building Performance Specialist-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, April 23, 2010

KieranTimberlake Seeking Building Performance Specialist

BUILDING PERFORMANCE SPECIALIST KieranTimberlake, a prominent internationally recognized Philadelphia (USA) architecture firm, and leader in practice based architectural research, is seeking a
Building Performance Specialist to join the KieranTimberlake Research Group, a trans-disciplinary research team interrogating and advancing building design practices through material, system, process, and environment driven questions.

The firm, recognized as a leader in environmentally innovative design, has designed several LEED Platinum buildings including the Sidwell Friends Middle School in Washington, DC; the Sculpture Building and School of Art Gallery at Yale University; and the Special No. 9 House for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans.  Additional projects include the Melvin J. and Claire Levine Hall at the University of Pennsylvania, which employs the first actively ventilated curtain wall of its type in North America; SmartWrap™, the firm’s mass-customizable, energy generating building envelope was exhibited at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in 2003, and is currently in various stages of development; the Cellophane House, a fully transparent, recyclable, off-site fabricated prototypical home, was part of the “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art
in 2008.

The firm is currently engaged in projects for colleges and universities, and government institutions including the recently awarded United States Embassy in London. The firm’s work is published internationally and its research endeavors are discussed frequently in lectures and symposia.

POSITION DESCRIPTION The Building Performance Specialist will integrate their expertise into the design of high performance buildings by providing support which includes numerically and visually modeling energy performance, daylighting, thermal transfer, vapor drive and CFD modeling on large and small scales.  They will analyze and validate data generated, communicate results to project teams, and prepare results for office-wide use.

The Building Performance Specialist will also apply their expertise to the development of comprehensive monitoring and verification strategies, and interpret collected data.  They may also assist in product development through the identification of performance requirements and prototype testing for novel technologies.  In collaboration with the Research Director and Partners, the building performance specialist may initiate technology-creation proposals in the role of principal investigator or staff researcher.  They will engage research peers from industry and academia, form peer groups, prepare grant applications, and apply for funding through granting agencies.

QUALIFICATIONS The KieranTimberlake Research Group, as a highly collaborative entity, requires its members to be functional in a social environment and have excellent oral and written communication
skills. Each member must demonstrate leadership abilities; they must effectively articulate questions, work-out their ideas publically, and lead groups in brainstorming exercises.  Members are expected to
prepare findings for publication and communicate research findings to internal audiences, particularly architectural designers, and external peer groups in a meaningful way.

The successful candidate for this position has a demonstrated mastery of building science, building physics, material performance, and the building envelope. They will also demonstrate mastery of sustainable strategies with the intention of going beyond conventional or tried technology applications and utilizing simulation data for design iteration.  Only candidates possessing expertise with the following
high-performance building simulation tools will be considered: computational fluid dynamics - site, building, and room scales, daylighting and solar radiation analysis, and building energy
performance modeling including the effect of thermal mass.  A familiarity with developing and deploying embedded and ad hoc sensor networks is also required.

Candidates will be considered from academia and industry within the professions of architecture and engineering.  Master and Ph.D degree recipients in architectural engineering, building science or physics
may apply.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability, confidence, and desire to inquire the limits of the possible and seek novel solutions to architectural problems, ones which offer value across social, environmental and aesthetic agendas.  Their body of work, including projects, reports and publications, will evidence the design implications of their research.

Please send the following, as an attachment: A resume, research/project portfolio and samples of published research articles.  All materials should be sent to Billie Faircloth, Research Director, via email with “Building Performance Specialist” in the subject line. The total size of the attached file(s) cannot exceed 3MB.

The position reports to the Research Director and Partners. Salary commensurate with education level completed, professional experience, and demonstrated knowledge.  KieranTimberlake is an equal-opportunity employer.