The Jill Watson Festival Across the Arts-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Jill Watson Festival Across the Arts

Adventures in Virtuality, 17-20 March

While the term Virtual Reality entered our vocabulary a mere 20 years ago, the desire for simulation and special effects have existed al long as there has been artistic representation.  To succeed in making virtual effects, two major elements need to be in place: a precise production technique and a subject to perceive the effect.  Virtuality, contemporary or historical, takes many forms.  High-fidelity digital simulations, world maps and surveying technology, descriptive geometry, cinema and photography, and more, either digital or analog, combine into a long history of virtual technologies.  The artists included in this dialog work within the realm of phenomenal perception, ungrounding our conditioned ways of seeing to create an ambiguous play between physical and perceptual space.  The experience of these works is of dynamic parallax and shifting displacement, in a space that is both present and absent.  Impossible space, space that can be perceived, occupied and experienced, but does not exist.

The Jill Watson Festival Across the Arts honors Jill Watson's commitment to an interdisciplinary philosophy as an artist and celebrates her accomplishments and reputation as an architect.  Jill Watson was a Carnegie Mellon University alumna, adjunct faculty member in the School of Architecture and acclaimed Pittsburgh architect who died in the TWA Flight 800 plane crash on July 17, 1996.

These events made possible by The Jill Watson Family Foundation. 

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By: Curated by Spike Wolff and Pablo Garcia