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Monday, February 22, 2010

School of Design Presents Harold Hambrose

Tuesday, 23 February, 6:30pm, Giant Eagle Auditorium, BH A51

Business, Technology & Design

For decades industry has looked to information systems for performance enhancement and competitive advantage.  As operational efficiencies are achieved, industry now turns to design as a source of innovation – in business operations, and in the tools that will support the execution of business.  Over 20 years Electronic Ink has pushed the influence of designers and design process from the visual design of early computer desktops, trough leadership in user centered design practices, to the modeling of complex business operations and the systems that will be the backbone of business transformation.

Harold Hambrose, CEO/Founder
Harold Hambrose established Electronic Ink in 1990, in order to introduce Design's concern for the human experience with form to the technology industry.

As a Graphic Design major at Carnegie Mellon University, Harold recognized that a burgeoning software industry was focused more on features and functions than on how usable these products were in the hands of human beings. Harold's influence in his industry has pushed technology and technologists to be more conscious of the human experience with software products.

Harold is a pioneer in user-centered system development. He contributed to the design of the first public access banking machine for Citibank Corporation, the first computerized patient record for First Data Corporation’s Health Systems Group and the user interface for IBM's OS/2. For 18 years, his unique approach to the design and build of digital products, as well as an unwavering concern for the user of computer-driven products and services has attracted leaders in the health care industry to award landmark projects to Electronic Ink. The company’s client roster includes AstraZeneca International, British Petroleum, Merrill Lynch, the New York Stock Exchange, Reuters, and Wyeth, to name a few.

Harold lectures extensively in the U.S. and Europe on the importance of Design and consideration for the end-user in the creation of business systems. He has spoken at conferences including the Internet World Conference Usability Workshop, London, England; the International Conference on Computer Human Interaction (ACM-CHI); IBM Interact; Carnegie Mellon’s Emergence 07; and the Designing Digital Communities Workshop, a presentation of Temple University’s Fox School of Business and the Philadelphia Wireless Project. In 2006 Carnegie Mellon University awarded Harold its Alumni Achievement Award for significant contributions to the fields of Technology and Design.

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By: Deborah Wilt, School of Design