2010 Fourth-Year Design Awards-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Fourth-Year Design Awards

Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following students who were presented with Fourth-Year Design Awards following the Thom Mayne Lecture on 19 April:

Ranjit Korah - John Knox Shear Memorial Traveling Scholarship    $9000

John Knox Shear, who graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology, was Professor of Architecture and Head of the Department from 1949 until he resigned in 1955 to accept another position. Following his untimely death in January 1958, members of the department, graduates, and friends set out to establish a memorial to commemorate Professor Shear’s distinguished contributions to architecture and to architectural education and to benefit future architectural students at Carnegie Institute of Technology. The recipient is selected from eligible students based on a review of their work by the faculty. The recipient is expected to use the funds toward travel

Ellen Garrett - The Louis F. Valentour A’49 Traveling Scholarship Fund    $9000

Louis F. Valentour established a generous traveling scholarship for undergraduate students in Architecture who have completed their fourth year of study. The award is intended for travel outside the continental U.S. The amount of the award and the selection of the awarded shall be determined by the faculty and Head of the School of Architecture.

Matthew Huber - Lewis J. Altenhof Memorial Scholarship Fund    1st: $9000

Karen Branick - Lewis J. Altenhof Memorial Scholarship Fund  2nd $5000

This Memorial Scholarship is awarded to two 4th year students studying in the School of Architecture who exhibit extraordinary academic and extracurricular achievement.

Josiah Haskell - The Burdett Assistantship    $5000

The Burdett Fund was established December 10, 1982 in recognition of Bob Burdett’s long and outstanding service to the University and profession. The fund provides support to students pursuing their first professional degrees in Architecture. The support will be offered yearly at the discretion of the School Head who should seek the advise of the faculty to review.

John Soh - Luther S. Lashmit Traveling Award    $5000

The Luther S. Lashmit Award is given annually to a fourth year student for the purpose of travel. Luther Lasmit graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Technology Graduate Program in Architecture in 1921. He returned to the University community from 1923-27 as an Assistant Professor. He spent the remainder of his career in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Lashmit had the opportunity to study in France early in his career when he won a traveling scholarship. This experience, he later noted, dramatically changed his perception and vision of architecture. Through his generous gift to Carnegie Mellon and the School of Architecture, he gives a student with exceptional design skills the same opportunity.

The Fourth-Year Design Awards are presented annually by the School of Architecture to give Fourth-Year students the opportunity to enhance their academic experience and display their work to faculty, peers, and the public at large. This year, the awards competition will be displayed in CFA 214 beginning Monday, April 5 and will conclude with a reception and the Henry Hornbostel Lecture on Monday, April 19.

Selected students must carry a minimum 3.0 QPA in both design studio and overall performance. 

2010 participants are Karen Branick, Lowell Day, Ellen Garrett, Josiah Haskell, Matthew Huber, Ranjit Korah, Alise Kuwahara, Benjamin Lehrer, Joshual Marshman, Kaitlin Miciunas, Judyta Podraza, John Soh, Giacomo Tinari and Roxanna Viray.