AIAS/AARP Creating Community Design Competition-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, April 9, 2010

AIAS/AARP Creating Community Design Competition

Deadline Extended to 12 May

The U.S. Census reports that by the year 2011, a citizen will turn 65 every 8 seconds. By the year 2030, more than half of all Americans will be over the age of 50 and one in every five persons will be age 65 or older. At the same time 2010 marked the fist time in modern history that more people lived inside city limits than in suburbs and rural neighborhoods.

Designers must begin planning now for this dramatic demographic shift. It is equally important to note that as the population continues to get older, many Americans are faced with a new set of circumstances. Therefore, it is necessary to develop urban communities that are adaptable or “universally designed” to meet the needs and abilities of multiple generations.

AARP has defined a Livable Community to be “one that has affordable and appropriate housing, supportive community features and services, and adequate mobility options. Together these facilitate personal independence and the engagement of residents in civic and social life.”

Over the next three years the AIAS and AARP will challenge young designers to investigate these concerns at the micro and macro level and develop design solutions that help “Create Community.

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