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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 AIA West Virginia Scholarship Program

AIAWV each year awards a single or multiple scholarships totaling $12,500.00 to a deserving West Virginia resident(s) who has completed by May 30th at least their sixth semester (junior year) of an accredited architectural program. In 2006 this amount was due in part to a $4000,00 grant from the National Component of AIA in Washington, DC and also includes a $1500.00 annual grant from CMA Engineering, given in memorial to their late founder, Floyd Clingenpeel, P.E. The Clingenpeel award goes to an architectural student who demonstrates his or her ability to develop project concepts utilizing sustainable principles, alternative energy systems or new technologies for environmental systems.

In addition, AIAWV Awards a $750.00 and $500.00 scholarship annually to students enrolled in an in-state architecture technology program. Each in-state program designates a design competition and the entries are judged and displayed at the annual AIA West Virginia annual meeting in November.

To request an application please call our Executive Director, Roberta Guffey, Hon. AIA at (304)344-9872, or write to P. O. Box 813, Charleston, WV 25323, or email Roberta Guffey.

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By: AIA West Virginia