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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Honorary Degrees

Nominations are due October 15, 2012

Nominate deserving candidates for honorary degrees from Carnegie Mellon.

While the formal criteria are included on the nomination form, let me emphasize that nominees must be distinguished individuals who have:
  • achieved preeminent levels of distinction in fields identified with educational, research, or performance programs at Carnegie Mellon University;
  • demonstrated respect and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship and service to society.
  • It is desirable that nominees have connections to the university (e.g. alumni, former faculty, friends or collaborators). Nominations of women and underrepresented minorities are especially welcome.
This is a prestigious honor, and one that is important to the university.  Honorary degree recipients serve as an inspiration to the Carnegie Mellon University community, especially graduating students. Recognizing them reinforces the significant impact of the university and enhances the commencement ceremony by underscoring the importance of the university in the world.  We honor men and women who have made extraordinary contributions to their professions, to our nation or to the world, and whose life and work are broadly connected to the highest aims and aspirations of this university.

Nominations are due October 15, 2012.   Nomination Forms [link] 

Thank you for your participation and helping to ensure that the university's honorary degree recipients will be a most deserving and distinguished group.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cheri Hays, director of the president’s office, at 412-268-6382, Guy Berry, chair of the committee, at 412-268-3131.

Please note:  The Honorary Degree Committee considers all nominations received, with recommendations on each forwarded in a report to the Office of the President for further consideration.  Recommendations are then submitted by the president to the board of trustees for approval. Honorary degrees will be conferred in May at Commencement.  Any actions leading to the granting of an Honorary Degree by Carnegie Mellon frequently are delayed for a year or more for reasons of scheduling, so it is common for candidates to be honored in years subsequent to their initial nomination. Candidates who are not selected will remain under consideration for three consecutive years.

Please understand that selection committee members are not authorized to discuss their deliberations or recommendations outside committee meetings, nor do they receive any advance notice of actions taken on their recommendations.