Hidden Gems: The Architecture of Homewood-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hidden Gems: The Architecture of Homewood

Friday, 15 September, 2-4pm, Homewood Carnegie Library Auditorium

Creative Local, co-founders Elwin Green, publisher of Homewood Nation and Kilolo Luckett, president of Designate, is planning a Homewood architecture event that will help to transform one of Pittsburgh's most overlooked communities.

The event is "Hidden Gems: The Architecture of Homewood", a panel discussion of architectural treasures to be found in a place where most would never look.

"Hidden Gems" is the first event in the Homewood Arts and Culture Series produced by Creative Local.  The planned series of events wil celebrate Homewood's artistic and cultural legacy and contemporary work.  The purpose of the series is to help residents and non-residents alike gain a greater appreciation of Homewood's contributions to the arts.  By celebrating Homewood's past and current assets, we hope to open eyes to new possibilities for Homewood's future.

Invited speakers incllude historian John Brewer, preservaiton architect Terry Necciai, architecture librarian Martin Aurand and architect Christine Brill.  Chris Moore will serve as moderator.

Further questions, please contact Kilolo Luckett.