RAW Oaxaca 2012-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, December 16, 2011

RAW Oaxaca 2012

Application Deadline: 01 January, 2012

Following a hugely successful 2011 workshop where we designed and built El Mirador, we are returning to Oaxaca, Mexico for spring break 2012. Once again we will be collaborating with the community of San Pablo Etla, outside Oaxaca City, on a project that supports the ecological re-development of their communal lands. Over the summer there have been a number of additions at La Mesita, including a plant nursery, gravity water pools and a zipline! This spring's project? We will be exploring the architecture of play as we design and build an eco-playground in the foothills of the Sierra Norte Mountains.

Armed with a rough schematic of the project and a stack of pre-ordered materials, we will begin at the site, determining the nuanced conditions that will influence design development.  Lightning quick design work and investigations into construction techniques will morph into hands-on construction as we complete the project in one week.

We'll stay in the heart of Oaxaca City, the state capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience its rich architectural, cultural and culinary traditions. During the workshop we will visit local archeological and architectural sites and meet with community leaders.

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