Tangible Interaction Design Open House-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tangible Interaction Design Open House

Wednesday 07 December, 4:30-6:30, CFA 211

Come see what students built in this semester's Tangible Interaction Design Studio (see details below).  Sure, you have a ton of work to complete, and deadlines to meet, but, hey -  aren't you at a University because of all the other smart people doing interesting things?   Bring your critical apparatus and spend an hour with us - I guarantee you won't be bored.  Presentations are "science fair" format, so you can browse, graze, chat, and go. 

Eh?  What's this Tangible Interaction Design?   Master program in the School of what?  Architecture?  Eh?  Yes.   MTID Program [Link]

Students: Check the description for next semester's "Skills Swapping" edition.

Projects on Display

, PhD, Computational Design
SkruiFab - a sketch-based software tool for non-experts to precisely specify shapes of items to be laser-cut.
Daiki, Master, Tangible Interaction Design
MICKbot - Entertaining Mobile Robot Project - Come meet your friend, MICK, a mobile robot that welcomes you and brings cheer to the table!
, Visiting Scholar, Aarhus University
Wearable health technologies - devices to correct your posture, avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and remind you to take a break from your workstation.
Master, Tangible Interaction Design
SENSEable Shoes - a hands-free and eyes-free on-the-go medium to interact with your environment.

Master, Tangible Interaction Design
SlimeViz - uses Slime Mold to visualize global Internet usage data by harnessing biological characteristics of single-celled organisms.
, Master, Tangible Interaction Design
Algo.Rhythm - drum robots’ programmable behaviors teach computational thinking through composing music.
Master, Tangible Interaction Design
DIY Pneumatic Control- Free Software + Your Local Hardware Store = Pneumatic Automation at 1/10th the Price.
, Sophomore, Industrial Design
LED Illuminating Glove - LEDs in this glove switch on and off with the curl and flex of the fingers.
Master, Tangible Interaction Design
Rebbelib reconstructed - a robotic grid navigational map based on ancient Micronesian stick charts.