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Monday, December 20, 2010

ISOVER Multi-Comfort House - Tower

Invitation for Submissions - Deadline 21 March

The subject of the 2011 competition is the creative approach to the concept of energy efficient construction for the high rise buildings. The aim is to design a multiple use tower according to ISOVER Multi-Comfort-House definition and with passive house components.

The participants will have to design a sustainable sky scraper in a part of Lower Manhattan called Greenwich South. The building has to have the building physics performance of an ISOVER Multi-Comfort House.

The new high rise is expected to have about 60 floors above a base of about 5 stories. Its maximum horizontal size of each floor above the base should according to New York City zoning regulations not exceed 175' (about 53.34 m).

The complete data regarding the project and contest requirements are available for download.

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