'Interpunct' Information Session-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Interpunct' Information Session

4:30pm, MMCH 203

Anyone interested in writing in an undergraduate journal of architectural theory, or serving as an editor or layout designer: Attend this informational meeting Thursday, November 11, at 4:30 in MMCH

The meeting will offer general information regarding the available roles of participation, our projected schedule for the publication, and the proposed theme for issue one.

At its core, this project explores the architectural possibilities of the written word. We seek to establish a student publication administrated and executed by student writers, editors, and designers, to create a vehicle
for the exploration of architectural ideas, with a broad set of parameters defining areas of exploration.

Our name also requires some explanation, as it suggests a certain process for working, a technique of investigation. An 'Interpunct' is a non-spatial divider of words, used to make legible coherent ideas out of
possible multiplicities in continuous textual strings ˆ it acts to punctuate the space between.

This publication is your opportunity to be heard. Theory is essential to the discipline of architecture: it is through the discourse of critique that new design paradigms are established and ultimately the manner through which the sustained criticism and improvement of the built environment is enabled.

Refreshments will be provided.

Matt Huber, Joey Koon, Talia Perry, and Zach Weimer
Founding editorial staff of 'Interpunct'