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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CMU Graduate Student Conference Funding Program

Are you a Carnegie Mellon graduate student seeking funding to attend a conference between January 1, 2011 and March 31, 2011?  Funding is available through the GSA Graduate Student Conference Funding Lottery.

The Conference Funding Application Process will be open from December 6 through December 10. 

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Program Description:

G.S.A. Graduate Student Conference Funding is financed by the Graduate Student Assembly, in collaboration with the Graduate Support Programs Office and the Provost's Office. The goal of the funding is to enable more Carnegie Mellon graduate students to 1) make presentations at key conferences/exhibitions in their fields or 2) simply attend conferences and learn about the broader field of study to which they belong. This award is for $500 per student. It is considered a partial source of support and applicants are required to seek funds from the following other sources first, before applying for these funds, including: 1) funding from the conferences they will be attending or speaking at, 2) their own advisor, 3) their department and 4) their college. A letter from the applicant's advisor is required indicating whether there are department- and college-level options for alternative funding. Graduate students may not receive more than one Conference Funding award per fiscal year--that is, only one award between July 1 to June 30 of any given year. Approximately 90 awards will be distributed each fiscal year.

Selection Process:

Funds are awarded on a quarterly basis to allow students from all disciplines an equal chance to attend their fields' annual professional
conferences, since these meet at different times of the year. Conference funds are not awarded ACROSS funding quarters. The conference for which you seek funding must occur between January 1 and March 31, 2011. Conference funds are intended as a ready resource for all graduate students and are awarded on a non-competitive basis, although there is a minimum quality threshold below which awards are not made and the application will not be considered complete without an advisor letter. Demand for conference funds
consistently exceeds supply, so selection of conference fund recipients is by lottery. A week of application submission is followed by random lottery selection between applications that have met the threshold. Applications must be complete by the end of submission week, including advisor's letter of support, to be considered. The advisor's letter may be submitted via email, directly from the advisor's account to Suzie Laurich-McIntyre, Ph.D. Turnover on conference funding applications is generally 2+ weeks from the end of submission week.

PLEASE MAKE NOTE: All graduate students who accept conference funding support from the Graduate Student Assembly and the Provost's Office commit to presenting a poster, paper, powerpoint, or other appropriate format of their work at the annual Innovation with Impact Research Exhibition during Graduate Student Appreciation Week. Next year, the exhibition is scheduled for Thursday, April 7, 2011.

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