"Fragile" - International Student Conference-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Fragile" - International Student Conference

06/07 April

The recent publication of Searching for the Just City. ‘Debates in urban theory and practice’ (Marcuse, et al., 2009) illustrates that the neoliberal discourse is under pressure and that people from different fields are increasingly questioning this way of looking at the world.

For Simone (2010, p. 3), “cityness refers to the city as a thing in the making”. More than ever cities are more than built up space, morphological composition or architectural spectacle. They reflect the strong intertwinement of space and people, they are about lived realities, as, using the words of de Certeau, the city has truly become a “practiced place” (1984: 117).

The aim of the conference is to bring together students and young academics who will be our future influential thinkers and who will reflect on how space and architecture are putting the people back in the centre of their disciplines. The conference is about how the urban reality can be not only about the built up environment but about how it can be a space that is able to absorb the differences between people, how it can transform the hard built environment in a ‘people-centered’ soft space. It is about how architecture is no longer about city branding or nation branding but about putting people first, it is about creating Alive Architecture.

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