DKAD/EAAE Presents: Symposium Questions of Representations In Architecture & Master-Class-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, December 13, 2010

DKAD/EAAE Presents: Symposium Questions of Representations In Architecture & Master-Class

27/28 January 2011


27 January 2011 9:00-19:00
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
School of Architecture
Auditorium 2, Philip de Langes Allé 10
DK-1435 Copenhagen K

Participation fee: 600 DKr

Registration deadline: 17 January 2011

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In recent years, we have seen many architectural offices invest increasingly in imaging policies.

At the same time, we find that architectural schools prioritize more and more the study of visual techniques and representations.

We cannot deny that representational strategies, the media assemblage and visual technique exercise imperious powers upon our experience and interpretation of architecture. There is a tendency that these powers have a hold on market branding devices as well as on architectural learning and public dissemination.

We wish to address and discuss this tendency. What is gained with this development, and what is lost? What are the effects on a political level and what, if anything, can we learn from history and other related areas? How should we research the phenomenon and what are the apposite ways to disseminate the results?

The symposium and masterclass aim to provide participating Ph.D.-students, researchers, architects, and artists with a better understanding of the agency of representation and visual media in architectural strategies.

The keynote speakers approach to the topic is differentiated, as the group includes artists and architects as well as seminal researchers and theoreticians in the field of art and architecture.

A Proceedings Publication will be produced in continuation of the symposium. It will present articles by keynote speakers and peer-reviewed papers by Ph.D.-students who participated in the preparing study circle, the masterclass and the symposium.

The symposium is organized in collaboration with Anne Elisabeth Toft and Christina Capetillo, EAAE Project Leaders, EAAE Network - Architecture and Its Representations.