Team-UDBS - Carnegie Mellon University

Meet the Team!


The Urban Design Build Studio PURIFLUME Team at the first deployment.  The PURIFLUME team worked with Director Folan for two years beginning in the Fall of 2010 with Re-Imaging LESLIE Masterplan to the Summer of 2012 when the PURIFLUME was realized.  Jason Gates was added to the team in the Fall of 2011.  From left to right: Karen Branick (UDBS Assistant), Timothy Hild (Student), Hubert Li (Student), Jason Gates (Student), Christopher King Lee (Student), Grace Ding (Student), Angelina Gonzalez (Student), Sara Gotschewski (Student), Inkyoung Kim (Student), Michelle Spitzer (student).  Kneeling: Ming Ming Lin (Student) and John Folan (UDBS Professor and Director). Notably absent is Alex Greenhut.