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Water and Electrical Systems

Dual Image: Exposed Water Systems

dual image

EXPOSED WATER SYSTEMS FROM EDUCATIONAL SIDE (TOP) SHOWING UNTREATED CISTERN PUMP 2, water system manifold 1, and untreated cistern, and systems from exit side (bottom) showing the diatomaceous earth filter, manifold 2, the chlorinator, the uv sterilizer (behind the chlorinator and cistern), treated cistern and manifold 3 with flexible tubing.

Educational Diagram

image 2

Educational diagram (actual decal on next to the exit stair) explaining to children how the closed loop water filtration system works.  The diagram illustrates the circulation of water as it goes into the slide where it becomes "black water" through bodily contact with children.  The water then enters the zero depth catch basin where it is drained and pumped to the untreated cistern where it is stored.  From the untreated cistern the water is pumped to the diatomaceous earth filter, the first process in filtering the water through the use of particle filtration, and then to the UV sterilizer where any bacteria and micro-organisms are sterilized.  There is a chlorine generator for the addition of chlorine increasing the water's safety for public use, the water is then stored in the treated cistern where it is pumped back up to the slide for use once again.  

Nigth Lighting

night lighting

Lighting of the visual void drawing attention to the systems equipment.



View of the visual void from the educational side revealing Pump 2 which is encased in a vacuum formed water proof cover for weather resistance.

Underneathe View


Mechanical lines attached to the trailer longitudinally across the trailer.

Electrical Systems

Electric System

Electrical system diagram showing the equipment in context of the overall project.  The upper left window details the conduit lines and outlets.  The lower left window details the components of the control cabinet.  The upper right window details the electrical lines that work with the water systems equipment.

Water Systems

Water System

Water systems diagram showing the equipment in context of the overall project.  The lower window details the components of the smaller visual void which includes the untreated cistern, drain, pump 1 and manifold 1.  The upper window details manifold 2, the diatomaceous earth filter, the UV sterilizer, the chlorinator, the treated cistern, pump 2, and manifold 3

Clorinator Axon


detail axonometric of the chlorinator and UV sterilizer.  The drawing shows the flow of water through the complex plumbing lines that connect the various pieces of filtration equipment.

Two Systems Drawing

WE Systems

A set of drawings show the relationship of the two systems: electrical (teal) and water (orange) filtration.  While the two systems are separated they remain parrallel for operational purposes.