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UDBS Projects

Garfield, Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation

The 2011-2012 UDBS worked with the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporatation to develop middle-income housing for parcels 50G7 and 50G8 located at the intersection of Rosetta and North Evaline Streets in the Garfield Neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

New Castle, Habitat for Humanity

The 2011-2012 UDBS worked with the Lawrence County chapter of Habitat for Humanity to develop an infill site in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  

PURFILUME (EcoBeastie)

Resulting from work on the Leslie Park Pool Masterplan, the 2010-2011 UDBS developed the PURIFLUME, a mobile, proof-of-concept, closed loop water filtration system that features elements commonly found in a municipal spray park.  The intent of the PURIFLUME is to provide education on water filtration and conservation while simultaneously providing a fun experience for children of all ages.  The PURIFLUME will be deployed to various sites in Pittsburgh in cooperation with local organizations and events in the summer of 2012. 

Lawrenceville, Leslie Park Pool Masterplan

The 2010-2011 UDBS worked with the Lawrenceville neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA to develop a masterplan for the decomissioned Leslie Park Pool complex.  The UDBS was approached by the Leslie Park Pool Collective to explore the possible public uses of the pool.  The resulting masterplan will focus on creating a flexible program to encourage occupancy and activity throughout the year.  Elements of the masterplan include a spray park, water management system, a new entrance ramp, building shell modifications, and pneumatic canopies. 

Homewood, Cafe 524

The 2009-2010 UDBS worked with the Homewood neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA. Several community meetings culminated in an urban framework plan for future development based on concerns and aspirations voiced by residents. Relationships with the Homewood Children’s Village, Operation Better Block, and the city’s Urban Development Authority led to the community gathering space called CAFÉ 524. This adaptive re-use project will convert a vacant building into an amenity that will serve as a sustainable demonstration project and help connect Homewood to surrounding areas.

Wilkinsburg, Hamnett Homestead Sustainable Living Center

In the Spring/Summer of 2009, the UDBS developed its pilot project in the Hamnett Place neighborhood of Wilkinsburg, PA. The Studio partnered with the Institute for Ecological Innovation to develop the vision of the Hamnett Homestead Sustainable Living Center at 806 Holland Ave. Retaining the existing Garden Dreams Urban Farm & Nursery was of great importance to the design and the community. The first phase of the HHSLC project is community pavilion which bridges the urban fabric.