Project Team-UDBS - Carnegie Mellon University

Project Team

The Homewood Urban Design Build Studio consisted of director John Folan and eleven undergraduate architecture students. With continued feedback from the community, they carried the project through design development and produced construction documents for CAFÉ 524.

John FolanFilip AgrenLiz Duray

         John Folan (Director)                       Filip Agren (Student)                       Liz Duray (Student)

Doug FarrelEllen GarrettIngrid Kong

       Doug Farrell (Student)                     Ellen Garrett (Student)                  Ingrid Kong (Student)

Alise KuwaharaJosh MarshmanJulia Martini

     Alise Kuwahara (Student)                Josh Marshman (Student)                Julia Martini (Student)

Kaitlin MiciunasJustin RosenberryLingshui Wang

      Kaitlin Miciunas (Student)             Justin Rosenberry (Student)               Lingshui Wang (Student)