George N. Pauly Jr. Fellowship-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

George N. Pauly Jr. Fellowship

The Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture has established the George N. Pauly Fr. Fellowship to provide emerging practitioners and studio educators the opportunity to develop a body of work while teaching at a vibrant school of architecture. Fellows contribute to the intellectual life of the school through a 9-month appointment that focuses on two design studios and a research seminar related to their creative activity, research, and pedagogical agenda. Additional support is offered to the Fellows through a research assistant and research funding. The work of the Fellows is presented in a public forum auch as a lecture and/or exhibition.  

Current Pauly Fellow: Liss C. Werner 

"I see architecture and the built environment from a cybernetic point of view. What this means is that the built environment is a living system in constant flux through information and data processing, recursive feedback and emergence. Buildings, infrastructure and urban topography are formal results of interacting objects that are constantly..." [read more]