PhD Dissertations-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

PhD Dissertations

For over forty years, Carnegie Mellon University's School of Architecture has led the nation in innovative research in architectural building performance and design computation. Today, doctoral research in the School falls into three main categories: Architecture-Engineering-Construction Management (AECM), Building Performance & Diagnostics (BPD), and Computational Design (CD). For more information, please visit the Graduate Programs website.

"Ubiquitous Projection: New Interfaces using Mobile Projectors" - Karl D.D. Willis (CD, 2013)

"Minimizing Impediments to Design for Construction Safety (DFCS) Implementation on Capital Projects" - Mustapha A. Bello (AECM, 2012)

"Advanced Exergy Analysis for a Solar Double Stage Absorption Chiller" - Yang Hu (BPD, 2012)

"Customizing Pattern-Based Tessellation for NURBS Surface Reconstruction with Irregular Boundary Conditions" - Tsung-Hsien Wang (CD, 2012)

"Model-Based Multivariate Control of Conditioning Systems for Office Buildings" - Yuebin Yu (BPD, 2012)

"Sketch-based Interaction for Designing Precise Laser Cut Items: - Gabriel Goehring Johnson (CD, 2012)

"A Computable Language of Architecture" - Sora Key (CD, 2012)

"Designing Environments for Manageable Wayfinding" - Peng-Hui Maffee Wan (CD, 2011)

"An Integrated Scalable Lighting Simulation Tool" - Yi Chun Huang (BPD, 2011)

"Advanced Building Thermal Simulation Coupling of Finite Volume Method and Nodal System" - Rui Zhang (BPD, 2011)

"The Impact of Real-time Knowledge Based Personal Lighting Control on Energy Consumption, User Satisfaction, and Task Performance in Offices" - Yun Gu (BPD, 2011)

"Toward A Theory of Design Critiquing" - Yeonjoo Oh (CD, 2010)

"Integrated Building Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Control" - Bing Dong (BPD, 2010)

"CoBi: Bio-Sensing Building Mechanical System Controls for Sustainably Enhancing Individual Thermal Comfort" - Joon Ho Choi (BPD, 2010)

"Advanced Office Environment Control" - Viraj Srivastava (BPD, 2010)

"An Occupant-Driven Integrative Household System For Residential Building Energy Simulation" - Yun-Shang Chiou (BPD, 2009)

"Computation-Friendly Shape Grammars: with Application to Determining the Interior Layout of Buildings from Image Data" - Kui Yue (CD, 2009)

"Combined Cooling, Heating, Power, and Ventilation (CCHP/V) Systems Integration" - Fred Betz (BPD, 2009)

"Designing Modular Robots" - Eric Schweikardt (CD, 2009)

"Computational Fieldwork Support for Efficient Operation and Maintenance of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems" - Sang Hoon Lee (AECM, 2009)

"Performance Modeling of Desiccant Wheel Design and Operation" - Chaoqin Zhai (BPD, 2008)

"Model Based Design and Performance Analysis of Solar Absorption Cooling and Heating System" - Ming Qu (BPD, 2008)

"Designing Open-plan Workplaces for Collaboration: An Exploration of the Impact of Workplace Spatial Settings on Space Perception and Collaboration Effectiveness" - Ying Hua (BPD, 2007)

"An Absorption Chiller in a Micro BCHP Application: Model-based Design Performance Analysis" - Hongxi Yin (BPD, 2006)

"Process and Product Modeling for Computational Support of Building Commissioning" - Muhsine Tanyel Türkaslan-Bülbül (AECM, 2006)

"A Pragmatic Approach in Supporting Multi-disciplinary Communication and Negotiation in Building Design" - Wen-Jaw Jonah Tsai (CD, 2005)

"Architectural Explorations: A Formal Representation for the Generation and Transformation of Design Geometry" - Moustapha Hoda (CD, 2005)

"Requirement-driven Design: Assistance for Information Traceability in Design Computing" - Ipek Özkaya (CD, 2005)

"Construction Process Models for Distributed Design Activity" - Michael James Cumming (Arch, 2005)

"Case-based Reasoning for Design Composition in Architecture" - Kamal Mubarak (CD, 2004)

"A Model-based Approach to Ventilation Control in Buildings" - Jayada Boonyakiat (BPD, 2003)

"Interactive Computational Support for Modeling and Generating Building Design Requirements" - Halil I. Erhan (CD, 2003)

"A Representational Framework for Building Systems Control" - Kristie Bosko Mertz (BPD, 2003)

"An Agent-based Simulation-assisted Approach to Bi-lateral Building Systems Control" - ZhengChun Mo (BPD, 2003)

"Constructing and Navigating the Design-Performance Space" - Beran Gürtekin Çelik (BPD, 2001)

"A Framework for Distributed Multi-Disciplinary Building Performance Computing" - Mustafa Emre Ilal (CD, 2001)