Defining Interests-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

At Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, we have six defining interests that make our research initiatives unique: Integrated Design Education, Sustainable Design, Computational Design, Advanced Building Systems, Urban Design and Professional Practice.

Integrated Design Education We believe a hands-on laboratory setting in the design studio is unparalleled in teaching future professionals to deal with complex problems, multiple clients and indeterminate answers.

Sustainable Design The School of Architecture is in the forefront of Carnegie Mellon's strategic commitment to environmental sustainability as an educational and organizational force.

Advanced Building Systems We place a major emphasis on understanding state-of-the-art building structures, and major innovations in enclosure, mechanical, lighting, and interior systems. Our graduates are leaders in developing the long-term integrity of integrated systems.

Computational Design Computers are changing both the nature of work and the practice of architecture. Our grads are ready.

Professional Practice Architecture is a multifaceted field of practice, existing within dynamic social, organizational, economic, professional and cognitive contexts. Our graduates are equipped with a solid understanding of the design delivery process and decision-making.

Urban Design The School of Architecture's Urban Laboratory is one of Carnegie Mellon's most successful outreach programs. It trains a new generation of professionals to work in teams for the future of cities in the U.S. and worldwide.