Research-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

The Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture has an international reputation as a leading research and educational center for sustainable design, attracting excellent graduate students and unmatched federal, industrial, and international funding.

Our commitment to ensuring that research becomes an integral part of the undergraduate education has not only placed leading faculty in required courses but has created unique and outstanding elective courses. The presence of leading environmental practitioners in our design studios ensures that quantitative learning is translated into design and practice.

The Intelligent Workplace continues to be the only ‘living laboratory’ of its kind in the US, and has led to the creation of similar research and teaching labs in Paris and China. In addition, Carnegie Mellon has placed environmental sustainability as a strategic direction for its educational, research and facility growth agenda – supporting the slow creation of a truly multi-disciplinary curriculum that is further enhanced by alliances with other Pittsburgh campuses. Finally, the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture is privileged to be located in the city of Pittsburgh, with its multiple main street neighborhoods and its prize-winning commitment to green buildings.