Summer Internship for Diversity-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

The Summer Internship for Diversity is a certificate program in the School of Architecture. Its purpose is to promote the diversity of the school. Carnegie Mellon President Jared Cohon has identified SID as one of the "Faces of Diversity" in the university.

The School of Architecture needs to attract African-American faculty and students, not to mention members of other underrepresented minorities. SID is intended to work in both categories. It introduces architecture upperclassmen, in particular from Howard and Hampton Universities, to research and graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon. Over the past six years of its offering, 18 interns have completed the SID program. A third of these students have gone on to earn graduate degrees. In a decade or so, we anticipate that we will be seeing some of the SID graduates among the ranks of architecture faculty here at Carnegie Mellon, as well as at other major US universities.

SID is a six week long training program. Its instruction includes topics like design in the urban realm, building economics, ethics, computer assisted design, building performance requirements, building systems, and virtual reality. Instruction is provided by Professors Omer Akin and Brock Onque and PhD students from the School of Architecture. Darlene Covington-Davis is the Coordinator of SID. Intern candidates are selected by their home institutions to apply for admission.

The interns admitted to SID stay on campus and are provided with food-plan, library access, computer use and athletic facility access, all free of charge. They are also awarded a stipend of $1,000. SID is funded entirely through contributions from members of Carnegie Mellon's administration offices, private foundations, and individual donations. In the 2007 season, Pittsburgh professional firms begun to participate in and actively support the internship program. Perkins Eastman and Edge Studio are the first participants of this program.

The typical instruction in SID is a combination of studio, lecture and site-seeing activities. The studio conducts a project in urban neighborhoods of Pittsburgh and the lectures introduce the interns to a number of advanced architectural research theories and tools. The interns design a solution in the studio and undertake shorter assignments in response to the lectures. The intent is to provide a broad exposure to people, ideas, and projects to interest the interns in advanced education and academic life.

Summer Internship Program
1999 Jason Foster, Rob Crawshaw
2000 Katherine Williams, Shurmella Condell, Eric Green
2001 Kirk Mitchell, Stephen Wilder, Omar Clennon
2002 Suzannah Codlin, Cory Newton, Kenni-Ann Walker
2003 Deidre Robinson, Kris Ernandez, Stephan Lawrence
2004 Ron Graham, Rashard Willingham
2005 Kristal Aqui, Sarai Williams, Gillian Fraser
2006 Angela Khosa, Maryanne Mokoko, Kerrion Walters
2007 Billy Almon, Liselle Coker, Marcellius Sample
2001 Joint Workshop at Bauhaus, Dessau-Germany Kirk Mitchell, Stephen Wilder, Omar Clennon

Enrolled in MSc PhD Programs

1992 James Harrison, Dale Morrissey
1997 Gerald Andersen
1998 Kanyi Masembwa
2000 Rodney Ladson
2002 Kirk Mitchell (HIP'01)
2003 Stephen Wilder
2005 Geoffrey Kavulya
2006 Kerion Walters
2007 Mustapha Bello

Graduated from MSc PhD Programs

1993 James Harrison, Dale Morrissey
2000 Kanyi Masembwa, MsCAD
2001 Rodney Ladson
2003 Kirk Mitchell, MSA
2004 Stephen Wilder, NSA
2004 ShaVon Brown, MS-AECM
2006 Geoffrey Kavulya, MSA
2008 Kerion Walters, MUD