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Architecture Explorations (AE)

The mission of Architecture Explorations is to provide an architectural foundation for children and youth -- impart knowledge and appreciation of the built environment, encourage creative expression and critical thought, and inspire civic responsibility.

Architecture Explorations is a collection of architecture-based extracurricular and academic enrichment programs for students in kindergarten through high school, offered through Carnegie Mellon's School of Architecture. Our organization partners with several Pittsburgh communities, schools, and museums to provide an array of architecture education programs. Whether you are a student, parent, counselor, teacher, or community organization, we would love to hear from you and help devise a plan to provide a program that is tailored for each appropriate age-group and organization.

Parents and Students:
Sign up for a program! AE offers Summer Camps with the Carnegie Museum of Art, seasonal Saturday Sequence 8-week programs, and free High School Workshops. 

Build a program together! Teachers and Community Organizations can work with AE to create classes and/or programs tailored to specific needs. 

Students and Alumni:
Teach one of our programs! Current CMU students and alumni can receive a paid teaching position to teach one of our programs and earn IDP credits. 


For questions about our program offerings or to make a contribution, please contact:

Samantha Carter
Carnegie Mellon University
Architecture Explorations
201 College of Fine Arts
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Telephone: 412.268.5551
Fax: 412.268.7507