Architecture-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Architecture (MSA)

The Master of Science in Architecture (MSA) is a post-professional, research-based degree program intended primarily for practitioners in the building industry who are interested in broadening their knowledge base and skill set for use in professional practice. This program is structured on a 9-month (2 semester) curriculum, allowing those already established in the field to take a leave of absence and return with relatively little discontinuity to their careers.

The MSA program allows each student the freedom to customize his or her own curriculum. While this program is ideal for students seeking to enhance an existing skill set, it can also act as a testing ground where students are able to explore new and varied areas of academic study. Whether one chooses to delve deeply into a focused area of research or acquire a broad overview, students are encouraged to draw from resources both within the School of Architecture and throughout the University.

We are looking for students that are inquisitive, motivated, energetic, and who are not afraid to take risks. This program is designed to accompany degrees related to the built environment including architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, construction, computer-aided design, planning, management and others.