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Mark Gross

PhD, Professor

Office: CFA 211
Phone: 412 268 3995


Educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.S. Architectural Design, 1978; Ph.D. Design Theory and Methods, 1986), Mark D. Gross works at the intersection of computation and design. While at MIT he worked at Negroponte’s Architecture Machine Group (predecessor of the MIT Media Lab) and Papert’s Logo group (developing a programming language for children for personal computers), before pursuing doctoral studies with Dutch housing expert and design methodologist N. John Habraken.

After the Ph.D., Gross consulted for Shimizu Construction Corporation of Japan. In 1990 he accepted a teaching post at University of Colorado, Boulder, where he developed a design computing program for undergraduate architecture and planning, and worked with Ph.D. students in computer science, civil engineering, and geography. From 1999 to 2004 he taught at the University of Washington, Seattle, where he started the Design Machine Group, a research laboratory in computer-aided design in the Architecture department. He is author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and has been a keynote speaker at international conferences around the world.

Gross’s interests span a wide range. His Ph.D. work described a computer language for designers, based on a model of design as exploring constraints. Later he applied these ideas to develop a system for avoiding interference conflicts in architectural subsystem layouts. He has also worked on human-computer interaction and the development of interfaces for design systems, particularly sketch recognition and its application to knowledge based design. Currently he is developing computationally enhanced construction kits and craft for design and education.

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