Faculty Members-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

Our faculty include award-winning practitioners and scholars, all of whom are global agents of change. They are committed to educating future professionals who will be defining our future through attention to the built environment.


Omer Akin
Mary Lou Arscott
Joshua Bard
Erica Cochran

omer akin mary lou arscott joshua bard erica cochran 
Doug Cooper
Gerard Damiani
Rami el Samahy
Jeremy Ficca
doug cooper gerard damiani rami el samahy jeremy ficca  

Kai Gutschow
Volker Hartkopf
Hal Hayes
Kelly Hutzell
 kai gutschow volker hartkopf hal hayes kelly hutzell 
Ramesh Krishnamurti
Kristen Kurland
Khee Poh Lam
Stephen Lee
ramesh krishnamurti kristen kurland khee poh lam slee
Cindy Limauro
Vivian Loftness
Irving Oppenheim
Diane Shaw
 cindy limauro vivian loftness Irving Oppenheim diane shaw  
Scott Smith
Richard Tursky
scott smith richard tursky 

Chairs and Fellows

John Folan,

T. David Fitz Gibbon Chair

Dana Cupkova,

Lucian & Rita Caste Chair


George N. Pauly, Jr. Fellow

Greg Spaw,

Ann Kalla Professorship in Architecture
john folan dana cupkova eddy kim greg spaw 

Adjunct Faculty

Nina Baird
Nina Barbuto
William Bates
Eric Brockmeyer

nina baird nina barbuto william bates eric brockmeyer  
Lee Calisti
Stefani Danes
Jeff Davis
Donna Ficca
lee calisti  stefani danes jeff davisdonna ficca
Jonathan Golli
Matthew Huber
Jeff King
Jonathan Kline
Jonathan Golli matthew huber Jeff King jonathan kline
Suzy Li
Nick Liadis
Arthur Lubetz
Jennier Lucchino
suzy linick liadis arthur lubetz jennifer lucchino
Gerry Mattern
Mick McNutt
Heather Workinger Midgley
Christine Mondor
gerry matternmick mcnutt heather workinger midgley christine mondor
Alejandra Munoz Munoz
James O'Toole
Stephen Quick
Charles Rosenblum
 Alejandra Munoz Munoz james otoolestephen quick charles rosenblum

Francesca Torello
Varvara Toulkeridou
Valentine Vavasis
Spike Wolff
francesca torello varvara toulkeridou valentina vavasisspike wolff

Research Centers Remaking Cities Institute

Don Carter
Donald Carter

Center for Building Performance & Diagnostics

Azizan Aziz
Flore Marion
Lakeisha Byrd
Bertrand Lasternas
 azizan aziz 

Hunt Library

Martin Aurand martin aurand