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With over 2,000 alumni spread all over the globe, each School of Architecture graduate joins a distinguished network of leaders. Our alumni leave Carnegie Mellon with the a work ethic and creative problem solving skills that lead them to succeed in any discipline.

They are principals at architecture firms, presidents of the AIA and the College of Fellows, experts in real estate development and law, international consultants on theater design, industrial designers, and artists.

Volunteer Our alumni have traveled various paths throughout their professional lives. We always look forward to hearing your experiences and gathering your knowledge. If you would like to conduct a workshop, hold a lecture, or simply join us as a visiting critic, please contact Kristen Frambes,, or call 412.268.1538.

Donate The students at the School of Architecture are constantly engaged in research efforts and design projects that require additional funds that the School cannot always support financially. Donations from alumni, however big or small, can truly make a difference in a student's education. If you would like to donate old equipment, tools, books, or monetary funds to the School, please contact Diana Martin,, or call 412.268.2356.

Internships Internships at architecture firms and offices in related fields are of great importance to our students. Whether it be a summer position, part-time position during the school year, or a permanent position, we are eager to distribute job announcements or set up interviews with students. If you would like to seek a Carnegie Mellon student to work as an intern in your firm, please contact Alexis McCune,, or call 412.268.6390.

Search for Alumni

Carnegie Mellon Alumni Services keeps an online directory that allows you to search for your School of Architecture classmates as well as look up Carnegie Mellon students from other years and majors. The database is searchable by first, last, or maiden name, as well as year, department/college, and major.

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Keep in Touch

Changing jobs? Exhibiting work? The School of Architecture is working to keep our alumni network updated on eachother's whereabouts and accomplishments. Please write us at any time with updates both personal and professional. Contact Kristen Frambes at or call 412.268.1538.