Spring 2011 wats:ON? -School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University


wats:ON 2011:  Speed

Thu 17 – Sat 19 March 2011

‘Speed’ - Pablo Garcia and Spike Wolff, Curators, 2011 wats:ON? Festival.

Notions of speed in contemporary culture are often tied to technology and its impact on everyday life. Information dissemination and interactions are accelerating, and with it hopes and fears of the future change with every new invention or discovery. Our culture of speed harnesses energies beyond our comprehension, while calling into question the nature of our everyday reality.

Speed is not merely acceleration, but a magnitude of velocity, fast or slow. It becomes a measure of time and space, of dislocation and change, of transformation and evolution. The extremes of fast and slow heighten our awareness of our surroundings, creating a seamless interface between the visceral and the subliminal. Speed creates a blur between what is real and what is imagined.

wats:ON 2011 will examine speed in relation to the production and presentation of creative work encompassing a range of interdisciplinary events.

Thu 17 March
Kresge Theatre, 7:30pm
Jeff Lieberman is an MIT scientist, multi-media artist, musician, videographer and host of the Discovery Channel series ‘Time Warp’, using high-speed photographic technologies to see beyond the limits of normal human perception.
World Premiere: presenting a new original work created especially for the wats:ON Festival; the entire time-lapse video project will be choreographed, shot and edited on campus with students earlier in the day.

LEIMAY: ‘Becoming’
Fri 18 March
Kresge Theatre, 7:30pm
Leimay: Ximena Garnica + Shige Moriya present the U.S. premiere of their latest collaborative dance-video project. ‘Becoming’ meditates on the continuous cycles of life and death, the modern human search for identity and the struggle to become someone. Contrasting wild physicality with meditative stillness, Leimay’s performance works synthesize dance, live manipulated video and original live music. Collaborators include an international group of artists from the U.S., Colombia, Japan and the Czech Republic, including composer Roland Toledo and dancers Denisa Musilova, Miyu Leilani and Masanori Asahara.

FILM FESTIVAL: Short Films and a presentation by Telcosystems
Sat 19 March
ACH/ Studio for Creative Inquiry, 7:30pm
A film double feature pushing the limits and extremes of our perception.
A selection of time-based film shorts, featuring work by Stan Brakhage, Paul Sharits and Ernie Gehr; followed by Dutch new-media art group Telcosystems.
Telcosystems research the relation between the behavior of programmed numerical logic and the human perception of this behavior. Their immersive audiovisual installations aim at an integration of human expression and programmed machine behavior exploring the limits of the human sensory apparatus.

CFA Great Hall
Interactive photo booth, where technology allows users to see their fast moving activity played back in slow motion, capturing details not visible to the naked eye.

‘9 Beet Stretch’
CFA Great Hall
Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony stretched to 24 hours, a soundscape by Scandinavian artist Leif Inge.
Performances begin Thu 10:00am, Fri 11:00am, Sat 12:00noon.

We thank the following for their generous support:

The Jill Watson Family Foundation, College of Fine Arts - School of Architecture, School of Art, School of Design, School of Drama, School of Music and the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry