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Techtonics Symposium

Speakers hold a range of experience relevant to the design and construction of comple geometries, from the handcrafting of exceptional architectural component to the the development of state-of-the-art building modeling, fabrication and management software. A series of lectures and workshops will beheld with focus on the status of analogue, mathematical and physical modeling in contemporary practice.

Lecture Series

These lectures are strategically unstrategic. As architecture is a stealthily moving target, so the series is intentionally eclectic, reflecting the expansive diversity of the field. The lecture series provides both a measure of what is out there and a challenge to the divergent potentials of where architecture can go.


The Jill Watson Festival Across the Arts (wats:ON?) was created to honor the life of Jill Watson, whose interest in the arts inspired others through her work and her teaching. The festival celebrates Jill's commitment to an interdisciplinary philosophy as an artist and celebrates her accomplishments and reputation as an architect.