[En]Coding Conference 2013-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

[En]Coding Architecture 2013

a conference on the autonomy of architecture I code I fabrication I cybernetics | material morphology I robots I machinic desire and computational theory

The architect is no longer an organizer of matter and space, but a designer of systems with multi-layered components and complex relationships. [En]Coding Architecture 2013 brings together rising superstars, experienced researchers and designers to present experimental work derived through computational thinking and digital making. [En]Coding Architecture 2013 positions the field of architecture as an alloy of programming, digital tooling, art and science. The conference synthesizes new trajectories for the profession in a cybernetic context of tectonics, cultural philosophy, architectural theory and geopolitics. Undeniably, there is a global desire to re-discuss architecture now. Come and join the discussions for the evolution of architecture.

Speakers include Eric Goldemberg, Sean Ahlquist, Neil Leach, Sanford Kwinter, Lars Lerup, Daniel Shiffman, Warren Neidich, Golan Levin, Matthew Fineout and more.

Call for projects and registration are now open! 

This conference is initialized and chaired by our George N. Pauly Jr. Fellow,
Liss C. Werner