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Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture is committed to an architectural design education that is reflective, current, and forwarding thinking. We prepare our students to become visionaries and leaders in our global discourse on architecture and culture.

Our intention in the admission process is to assess students’ preparedness for architecture education and for the rigor of Carnegie Mellon.

Undergraduate admission to the School of Architecture is handled predominantly through Carnegie Mellon’s central Office of Undergraduate Admission.  However, an additional admission committee in the School of Architecture provides input to admission decisions by evaluating a required questionnaire, an optional submission of portfolio, and an optional on-campus portfolio review. Carnegie Mellon follows an aid-blind admissions policy, which means your ability to pay has no effect on your chances for admission.

Graduate admission to any of our seven post-professional Masters degree or PhD programs is handled by the School of Architecture Graduate Admission Office. Prospective students interested in applying to any of the in the School of Architecture should view the application instructions and requirements. All applications 

The Pre-College program enables high school students who have completed their junior year to have the opportunity to engage in our six-week Architecture program and explore the field. The Office of Undergraduate Admission handles applications and questions regarding fees and financial aid for the pre-college program.