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What does it cost to attend CMUs School of Architecture Graduate Programs?


The tuition rate for the graduate programs in Architecture for 2013-2014 is $34,980. This covers the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters only. The Master programs offered in the School of Architecture vary in expected completion time (see the Tuition Chart below). Note: Tuition rates for Fall 2014/Spring 2015 are subject to change and will not be determined until March 2014.

  • The MUD and MSSD programs require 3 semesters of tuition payments: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Summer tuition is charged based on the number of units carried. The unit rate for Summer 2013 is expected to be $486 per unit. Therefore we expect tuition for Summer 2013 to be approximately $11,664.
  • The MSAECM program is taken for (9) months or (16) months. The 9-month program must be taken in Fall and Spring semesters. The 16-month program (Fall, Spring, Fall) entails three semesters of tuition payment, as well as a summer internship (no tuition payment).
  • The MSBPD program requires four semesters (two years) of tuition payments.
  • The MTID and MSCD programs require three semesters of tuition payments. Students in this program enroll in Fall, Spring, and the following Fall semester. Students who intend to continue for a PhD in Computational Design may optionally enroll for a fourth (Spring) semester.

Tuition Chart for School of Architecture Master-level programs:

Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring
MSAECM √           
(Internship) (√)        
MSCD Optional  
MTID Optional

Costs in addition to tuition:
For the year 2012-2013 CMU estimated overall costs (not including tuition) are $21,440 or greater. This includes compulsory fees, living expenses, and health insurance. Please visit the HUB's Tuition & Feeswebsite for a breakdown of these costs & any available updates.

Student Fees:
Carnegie Mellon charges a compulsory graduate student fee, which includes a Technology, Activities, and Port Authority (public transportation) fees. In 2012-2013 this fee was $642.

Living Expenses:
The estimated living expenses for the 2012-2013 school year is about $14,300 for room and board and $3,564 for travel and personal expenses. The estimated cost of books and supplies was $2,212.

Health Insurance:
Minimal health insurance coverage is required unless a waiver is granted. In 2012-2013 the recommended health care for US citizens cost $1,044 per year, and for international students $2,231 per year.


Master Students:

We are pleased to offer Master students a one-time scholarship of $6,000, entered as $3,000 in both the Fall 13 and Spring 14 semesters. This scholarship is based upon timely payment of tuition and successful completion of each of these semesters as a full time student.

In addition, A Graduate Assistantship is available to full time Master students in the Fall 13 semester. This assistantship entails working as an employee of the University for approximately four (4) hours per week at a rate of $15 per hour for up to 66 hours (up to $1000), based upon full time enrollment. We offer Fall assistantships to all master students and during the Fall, you may apply for a Spring assistantship. Spring assistantships are awarded based on Fall performance, academic standing, etc. 

We regret that the School is unable to provide additional financial support for your study. It is possible, though by no means certain, that once you arrive at Carnegie Mellon you may learn of other opportunities for financial support beyond what the School can offer.

PhD Students:

Financial support for PhD students, although administered through the School, is provided by individual faculty members, typically from research grants and contracts. If financial support is available it may take the form of tuition-only, or tuition plus a monthly stipend. Following your admission, the School will advise you of any financial support that faculty members are able to offer you. Continued financial support depends on availability of funds and your satisfactory performance.

Self-supporting PhD students (i.e., those who pay their own tuition) will be offered Graduate Assistantships (see above, under Master students).

For additional information please visit the Graduate Student Financial Aid page on the University's HUB website.

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