Advanced Building Systems-School of Architecture - Carnegie Mellon University

We place a major emphasis on understanding state-of-the-art building structures, and major innovations in enclosure, mechanical, lighting, and interior systems. Our graduates are leaders in developing the long-term integrity of integrated systems.

The first professional degree program has a sequence of 9 lecture courses and 3 studios that are dedicated to expanding the students understanding of and contributions to the development of advanced building materials, assemblies, and integrated systems.

These courses introduce: the natural laws and metrics affecting the mechanics, physics, and chemistry of building; the technical calculations and specifications for building subsystems and structural, enclosure, mechanical and interior innovations; the challenges and processes of effective systems integration for performance; and the relevant codes and standards relating to materials, assemblies and integrated systems.

This emphasis in the curriculum is strongly supported by excellence in the graduate Master's and PhD program in the Center for Building Performance & Diagnostics. This Center, funded by industry and government, has achieved international reputation in innovative building design and systems integration for environmental sustainability. The Intelligent Workplace that houses the Center is an unprecedented "living laboratory" of innovations in enclosure, HVAC, lighting, telecommunications and interior systems for professional education and research.

Five full-time faculty and one adjunct faculty member focus their energies on teaching advances in building technologies and integrated systems through lecture courses and studios:

  • Dr. Volker Hartkopf RA
  • Steve Lee AIA
  • Vivian Loftness FAIA
  • Dr. Irving Oppenheim P.E.
  • Dr. Khee Poh Lam RIBA
  • Gerry Mattern, P.E.

Three studios are specifically dedicated to the design integration and detailing of materials and assembly, structure, enclosure, mechanical and interior systems, although all studios lead towards greater innovations in the technically and aesthetically effective integration of state-of-the-art and advanced technologies.

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