Categories-Andy Awards - Carnegie Mellon University


Awards are given in the following categories: 


The Andy Award for Dedication honors those who take great pride in their work. An unyielding commitment to quality performance allows them to unfailingly serve their customers. Nominees have a “can-do” attitude and consistently do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles in order to accomplish their goals. In some ways, they are the university’s unsung heroes because their continuously outstanding work may have been overlooked in the past.

Commitment to Students

Nominees for the Andy Award for Commitment to Students are dedicated to providing guidance and assistance to students of the university.  They surpass the duties of their job description to understand and meet the immediate, as well as underlying, needs of our students. These individuals serve as role models, displaying a positive and professional image at all times.  


The Andy Award for Innovation recognizes those who have developed new approaches, methods and systems to improve organizational effectiveness. They have demonstrated imagination and creativity in finding solutions to problems or fostering change that has benefited the university community. These nominees are thinkers and doers, people who have discovered new paths to excellence.


Nominees for the Andy Award for Culture are those who foster a welcoming, supportive and inclusive workplace. These individuals help shape the university culture in the areas of diversity, professional development and work/life balance. Their achievements and initiatives advance the university's long-term strategic commitment to a diverse university community, which is essential to the quality, intellectual vitality and to the continued progress of Carnegie Mellon. 

University Citizenship

The Andy Award for University Citizenship honors those who have made important contributions that benefit the entire university community. Their work has transcended organizational boundaries. They have fostered cooperation and collaboration between the university and its constituents to better serve the campus community. These individuals have committed their time and energy to working with others to improve and enhance Carnegie Mellon as a whole.

Community Contributions

Nominees for the Andy Award for Community Contributions are those individuals who tirelessly devote themselves to enhancing the living, learning and working experience of the campus community. Their service orientation benefits their colleagues and the faculty and students. On a daily basis, their roles help shape the Carnegie Mellon work and educational environment. They serve meals, work in labs and provide maintenance and other important services that sometimes go unnoticed. But these nominees are noticed. They are known for their smiles, can-do attitudes and exceptional service levels. Nominees for this award are not required to be employees of the university.