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CMU-R Students spending a semester in Pittsburgh

Four Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda (CMU-R) students are spending the spring semester at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, USA as part of their Masters in Science in Information Technology (MSIT).
The students were selected on merit after an application and interview process. Esther Kunda was one of the students selected. "Esther is a wonderful example of the pioneering spirit of our students," said Michel Bezy, associate director of the CMU-Rwanda program and a distinguished service professor in CMU's Department of Engineering and Public Policy.
As well as Esther, Alain Shema, Andrew Kinai and Merab Twahirwe, all scheduled to graduate July 24, were shortlisted and made the 27 hour journey to the CMU campus in Pittsburgh. Besides the weather that has included snow and temperatures below zero, the students concur that attending classes at the main campus has been an exciting experience.
The different schools, faculties and sheer size of the Pittsburgh campus compared to CMU-R offers the opportunity to interact with a highly diverse student group and faculty. This includes students studying drama as well as electrical engineers, designers and even robotics students.
The quality of education is very similar to CMU-R although there are more course options for students. “It has come as a welcome surprise to see students experiencing the same work load as we do at CMU-R. It is a great opportunity and we feel that our experiences and scope has been widened with this semester in Pittsburgh”, said Alain Shema.