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Students Create Context-Aware Application

CMU-R Students Create Context-Aware Mobile Application

A practicum project with Ricoh Innovations Corporation involved Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda (CMU-R) students creating an android mobile application that enables patients to gain vital information about the medicine they are purchasing.
Pharma Plus was built off the premise that the leaflets within medicinal packaging can become overwhelming for a user. For many, the medical jargon and chemical specifications are not clear and inhibit appropriate usage. The team of students searched for a way to support users in managing the information.
The application they created uses a photograph of the medicine’s packaging to find out whether the medicine they are purchasing will do them harm. In addition, by using a context-aware reasoning mechanism, the user’s current health status is retrieved from a Medical Records System.
The students that formed the team working on the project were Andrew Kinai, Alain Shema, Bonaventure Twagirimana and Pie Masomo. Together they managed to deliver: a fully functional Android application; a basic medical records system; a knowledge base ontology; a user's guides; and technical documentation.
The team was delighted with both their output as well as the experience of working together with the client. “Working on this project was a lifetime opportunity. We had such a great experience,” said Pie Masomo.