Carnegie Mellon University

Undergraduate Rankings

U.S. News & World Report
Best National University: 25
Ranked September 2014
    High School Guidance Counselors' Picks: 15
    Great Schools, Great Prices: 38
    Listed among the best universities for: 
        Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects
        Economic Diversity

Undergraduate Business: 8
Ranked September 2014
    Mgmt Information Systems: 2
    Production/Operations: 2
    Quantitative Analysis: 2
    Finance: 9
    Entrepreneurship: 23
    Supply Chain Management: 7 

Undergraduate Engineering: 7
Ranked September 2014
    Computer: 3
    Electrical: 12
    Materials: 9
    Environmental: 7
    Mechanical: 12
    Civil: 12
    Chemical: 15

Rankings Based on Career Outcomes, 2014
Ranked October 2014
    Best Schools for Designers: 1
    Best Schools for Software Developers (overall): 1
    Best Schools for Software Developers at Startups: 6
    Best Schools for Finance Professionals: 20 

The Princeton Review
Ranked March 2015
     Top Undergraduate Schools for Video Game Design: 12

Bloomberg Businessweek
Best Undergraduate Business Schools, 2014
Ranked March 2014
    Undergraduate Business: 17
        Highest Paid Grads: 1 
        Highest SAT Scores: 4

The Hollywood Reporter
Ranked June 2015
 Top Undergraduate Schools Drama Schools: 2

Design Intelligence
America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools, 2015
Ranked November 2014
    Industrial Design
        Best Preparing Students for Success in the Profession: 5
        Top Schools in the East: 2
        Deans Survey: 5 (Noted for a strong emphasis on technology)
        Skills Assessment
            Research and Theory: 3
            Cross-Disciplinary Teamwork: 4

        Best Preparing Students for Success in the Profession: 11
        Top Schools in the East: 5
        Skills Assessment
            Computer Applications: 6
            Sustainable Design and Building Practices: 6

Architectural Record Magazine
Ranked November 2012
    Top U.S. Architecture Schools, 7

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