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CMU's Online Learning: In The News

Changing the Landscape of U.S. Higher Education

The New York Times

“The key message [from the White House] was a challenge to us to question all our strongly held assumptions…but I do think technology can help us educate more students faster and better.”

— Jared L. Cohon, President, Carnegie Mellon University • The New York Times, December 2011

Inside Higher Ed

“Challenge-based learning—of the sort modeled by Carnegie Mellon in its Open Learning Initiative—is most likely the promise of the future for content delivery.”

— Jeff Abernathy, Reporter • Inside Higher Ed, February 2013

University of Maryland System

“The work coming out of [Carnegie Mellon University’s] OLI, these new learning strategies is a huge step forward. And we are just so very, very proud to be a partner with OLI.”

— Brit Kerwin, Chancellor, University of Maryland System • Watch video »

Huffington Post

“For instance, courses developed by faculty, learning scientists, and technologists at Carnegie Mellon University's Open Learning Initiative were shown to produce results equal to traditional face-to-face instruction in 25 percent less time.”

— Josh Jarrett, Reporter • The Huffington Post, November 2012


“It’s really a blended learning approach…look at what’s going on at CMU. Statistics classes now meet for nine weeks, two times a week, and they still foster a problem solving, team building approach. Driving solutions and driving down costs 20-30 percent.”

— Bill Kamela, Education and Workforce Senior Director • Microsoft Corporation