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Jenni King

For immediate release:
May 11, 2006

Carnegie Mellon Presents New Undergraduate Research Journal Managed Entirely by Students

PITTSBURGH—At Carnegie Mellon University, undergraduate students are building mobile robots, creating films, investigating cultural trends and developing new digital communications technology. These student researchers find themselves in the heart of Carnegie Mellon's intellectual community, where they discover the process of creating new knowledge.

Now undergraduate researchers have a forum for publishing their work that is as student-driven as their research. Thought, Carnegie Mellon's new undergraduate research journal, debuted as an insert in the May 1 edition of The Tartan, the university's student-run newspaper.

The journal, which works with the Undergraduate Research Office, is supported by the university and managed entirely by students. Thought is published by a team of students from various disciplines who solicit and edit submissions and create the visual materials for the journal. Students also manage marketing and finances, seeking sponsorship from a range of organizations — from research labs on campus to external organizations interested in Carnegie Mellon students and their research.

Thought, which will feature the top three to seven submissions each semester, also includes articles geared toward student researchers. The debut issue highlights research on international relations, the coffee regime, complexity and the mind, how touch can be visual, and replacing flash memory. Future issues may be theme-based, or may be a collection of topics from various fields.

The group hopes Thought will become a forum for research on campus and a respected publication in which students seek to be featured.

"There are many undergraduates here who produce significant research for their level of training but lack a forum in which to express their thoughts," said the journal's Business and Finance Director Victoria Long. "We are providing students with a unique opportunity to complete the research process — to publish their work in a reputable journal."

Thought is available for download from The Tartan's Web site,


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