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Chriss Swaney

For immediate release:
April 26, 2005

Carnegie Mellon Students To Unveil New Studies About Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits of Hybrid and Diesel Cars

PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University students in engineering, the sciences and public policy will unveil today several studies about the benefits of owning hybrid and diesel cars.

The student projects, ranging from measurement of consumer attitudes toward energy-efficient vehicles to development of an interactive, computer-based air-emission model, are part of a project class for undergraduates in the Engineering and Public Policy Department (EPP). The class is under the direction of Paul Fischbeck, a professor in Social and Decision Sciences and EPP; David Gerard, executive director of the Center for the Study and Improvement of Regulation; and Scott Matthews, an assistant professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering and EPP.

In addition to the student studies, Carnegie Mellon Mechanical Engineering alums Zachery Slaton, David Bizzack, Harold Hall and Al Plantz will help showcase a cache of energy-efficient cars, including a 1931 hybrid electric truck, a Ford Escape, a Toyota Prius and a Honda hybrid at Merson Courtyard between the University Center and the campus tennis courts.

"We have a lot of interesting new data about these hybrid vehicles and the folks who own and operate them," said Matthews, who worked closely with the students on a variety of studies. "There is a lot coming down the legislative pike when it comes to hybrid vehicles, too," added John Wiss, an adjunct professor in Mechanical Engineering.

Earlier this month, the state Department of Environmental Protection announced a Hybrid Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate program to provide Pennsylvania residents $500 rebates to help with the incremental costs of purchasing hybrid vehicles or those powered by alternative fuels.

WHEN: 2 - 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 26

WHERE: Carnegie Mellon campus, Merson Courtyard, between the University Center and the tennis courts.


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