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Eric Sloss

For immediate release:
February 21, 2005

Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic Makes Its Heinz Hall Debut Sunday, April 24, at 8 p.m.

PITTSBURGH—The Carnegie Mellon University Philharmonic will perform Gustav Mahler's "Symphony #6" at 8 p.m. Sunday, April 24, at Heinz Hall.

This will be the first time that the Carnegie Mellon orchestra has performed at Heinz Hall. Alan Fletcher, head of the School of Music, said, "This appearance at Heinz Hall is part of an effort to bring diverse groups into the Cultural District—we are grateful to the Pittsburgh Symphony for helping us make possible this ideal match of a great musical space and repertoire designed for it. Mahler's Sixth Symphony is a work that only truly reveals itself when heard live, played with Mahler's unique requirement of passion and delicacy."

"Certainly Mahler's Sixth Symphony represents one of the finest examples of the music of his era," said Juan Pablo Izquierdo, director of the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic. "We cannot help but think of what Thomas Mann said in 1910, considering that he found Mahler 'the embodiment of the most serious and most sacred artistic will of our times.'" Mahler's Sixth Symphony is characterized by the somber tone, which at its debut earned it the label of "The Tragic."

Some say that in composing this solemn piece during an ostensibly happy time in life, Mahler was anticipating a series of tragic events to closely follow the premiere of his "Symphony #6": the death of his daughter, his dismissal as director of the Vienna Opera and the surfacing of a heart condition.

The Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic is a student ensemble of young musicians from all over the United States and 10 foreign countries. Under the direction of Izquierdo, the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic has been enthusiastically received by audiences and critics at such prestigious institutions as the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., Boston Symphony Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York. Recordings of the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic appear on the Mode Records, New World Records, New Albion and Carnegie Mellon record labels.

The orchestra typically performs at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland, where they will return in the fall to begin the 2005-2006 concert season.

Izquierdo is a professor of music at Carnegie Mellon's School of Music and the music director for the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic. Born in Santiago, Chile, Izquierdo studied composition at the University of Chile before becoming a pupil of Hermann Scherchen, with whom he studied for three years in Switzerland. His international career includes conducting orchestras such as: Bavarian Radio and other radio orchestras in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Madrid, BBC Glasgow, Paris, Brussels, Vienna Symphony, Holland Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Dresden Philharmonic, Jerusalem Symphony and the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

For ticketing information, please contact Amy Stabenow at 412-268-2383. For any other information, please contact Eric Sloss at 412-268-5765 or


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