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Philip L. Lehman

Teresa Thomas
Carnegie Mellon University

For immediate release:
December 21, 2004

China Software Colleges Partner with Carnegie Mellon University Subsidiary iCarnegie To Provide Software Education for Students

BEIJING—A partnership between a group of Software Colleges of the People's Republic of China and iCarnegie, Inc., a subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University, will provide state-of-the-art software development curriculum and education to students of the Software Colleges.

At a Course License Agreement signing ceremony in Beijing, China on December 18, officials from iCarnegie, the Software Colleges, and the China Ministry of Education initiated the formal curriculum delivery arrangement and discussed plans for the future. Carnegie Mellon University was represented at the ceremony by its Provost (Chief Academic Officer).

The partnership will pair American teaching methods and content with dedicated Chinese instructors, who will provide attention and expertise in the classrooms and labs at the Software Colleges.

iCarnegie provides curriculum developed by Carnegie Mellon faculty to schools worldwide.

Chinese officials say the demonstration Software Colleges are an important program of China's Ministry of Education. The Colleges are considered to be a critical initiative for large-scale training of high-quality software professionals and for advancing the global competitiveness of China's software industry. The demonstration Software Colleges also serve as a new trial project that is part of the reform efforts for China's education system.

Among the 35 demonstration Software Colleges across China, this group of five Software Colleges—at Northwestern Polytechnical University (Xi'an, China), Wuhan University (Wuhan, China), Nankai University (Tianjin, China), Northeast University (Shenyang, China), Sichuan University (Chengdu, China)—represents the first group to undertake the new program of collaboration.

"We warmly welcome our US partners", said Ge Daokai, a director of the Higher Education Department of the China Ministry of Education. "Carnegie Mellon is well recognized in China for being number one in software research and education."

"We feel that by combining the best of both worlds, our students will receive the best education," said Gao Deyuan, President of Northwestern Polytechnical University. "A key focus of all partners in this program is the delivery of the highest-quality education to our students."

In contrast to the traditional Chinese lecture-intensive style of teaching, iCarnegie programs will emphasize practical, hands-on learning.

Each Software College has hundreds of students, and is managed by a College Dean, who provides day to day leadership and direction.

"Working with the Deans of the Software Colleges has been a great pleasure for us," said Dr. Philip Lehman, Senior Vice President of iCarnegie (and a Carnegie Mellon computer science alumnus). "While designing this program, we have learned a great deal from each other. We have built a lasting cooperation and friendship based on a shared vision for education and for the future."

"This partnership represents a new and groundbreaking model for international cooperation, and we are pleased that a Carnegie Mellon subsidiary is partnering with institutions in China that share a focus on software as an important discipline for the future," said Dr. Mark Kamlet, Provost (Chief Academic Officer) of Carnegie Mellon University. "The cooperation will provide great benefits for the students at the Software Colleges, iCarnegie and the university."


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