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Michael B. Laffin

For immediate release:
September 9, 2004

Tepper School of Business Welcomes MBA Class of 2006

Students Arrive with Best Average GMAT Scores in School History

PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University welcomed 151 new MBA students to its Tepper School of Business this week, a smaller class by design, but one having the highest GMAT average in the school's history. This newest group of MBA recruits hails from 15 countries and brings to the Tepper School an average undergrad GPA of 3.3 and an average of four and a half years of professional experience. "The Tepper School continues to attract exceptionally qualified students who seek the best in advanced management education at the place where business and technology intersect," said Kenneth B. Dunn, dean of the Tepper School of Business.

The new class of students has an average age of 27 and an average GMAT of 691, the highest average score in the school's history. About 60 percent of students have academic degrees in engineering or science, in keeping with the school's long-standing reputation for analytical rigor, but undergraduate backgrounds in business/accounting (22 percent), economics (11 percent) and liberal arts or social sciences (7 percent) also are represented.

The Tepper MBA class of 2006 reflects a deliberate decision to decrease class size in order to enroll a student body with exceptional academic and professional credentials and to optimize the use of the school's resources.

Professional goals vary among the new class. Within the MBA Tracks Program, which offers 10 "depth tracks" representing points of intersection between business and areas in which the university has demonstrated international leadership such as technology, computer science, engineering, design and biotechnology, students are planning to pursue tracks in biotechnology, computational marketing, e-business technologies, entrepreneurship, general management, and wealth and asset management.

Dunn said the school is also taking steps to ensure that it continues to attract qualified women, minority and international students. The Tepper School is a member of the Forté Foundation, a consortium of major corporations, top business schools and influential nonprofit organizations that directs talented women toward leadership roles in business. The school is also continuing its membership in the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Education, an alliance of 13 top business schools that encourages top minority students to pursue successful careers in management.

In terms of professional diversity, the MBA class of 2006 includes a former middle school teacher, a retired professional football player, a Peace Corps volunteer and an owner of a tae kwon do studio. Another student is the fourth sibling in her family to attend the MBA program at Carnegie Mellon.

"Students who choose to study at the Tepper School of Business want to challenge tradition, expand their thinking and make an impact," said Dunn. "We welcome these individuals as they begin their journey and experience firsthand the energy, collaboration and intensity that are indicative of our program."


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