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Eric Sloss

For immediate release:
August 17, 2004

Carnegie Mellon Cornerstones Program Announces "Pittsburgh Prosperous and Sustainable" Symposium Sept. 29

PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University's School of Architecture's outreach program, Cornerstones; The Center for Architectural Development and Building will hold its 2004 symposium, "Pittsburgh Prosperous and Sustainable," on Sept. 29 in Rangos Ballroom (1,2 and 3) in the University Center on the Carnegie Mellon campus.

This year's symposium focuses on the reinvention of the Pittsburgh region. Lecturers will explore different strategies to rejuvenate the Pittsburgh region. The symposium topics and lecturers were selected to achieve a state of balance where social, cultural and economic goals are accomplished in a framework of respect and sensibility to the environment. Key topics of discussion for this year's symposium include global enterprise, place and leadership.

Cornerstones developed this event in collaboration with Oxford University, Yorkshire Forward and Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA). Program highlights include:

  • An opening address by Glenn Meakem, president and CEO of The Meakem Company.

  • A discussion of the latest findings in the Brookings Institute Report, "Back to Prosperity: A Competitive Agenda for Renewing Pennsylvania." Amy Liu, assistant director of the Brookings Institute, and Don Smith, director of economic development for the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon, will discuss details of the report, which focuses on metropolitan growth and community renewal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • A keynote address by Australian architect Tasman Storey. Storey will discuss Sydney's Walsh Bay redevelopment project.

"Cornerstones is very proud to present to Pittsburgh its fourth Symposium at Carnegie Mellon University and to bring to the area an outstanding group of national and international speakers that will impart their experiences and efforts to bring to their communities the best of their architectural efforts, their business successes, and their efforts to enhance their surroundings with their talent and expertise," said Cornerstones President Arthur Schwotzer.

For the key address, Storey will discuss Sydney's Walsh Bay redevelopment project. "For the first time in nearly 100 years, everyone is able to share and enjoy this historic precinct. The technology, fabric and finishes that have been retained in each building are part of the state heritage and are of value to all Australians," said Storey. He adds that this successful project in Australia can provide valuable insight on how to rejuvenate Pittsburgh's own waterfronts.

Cornerstones is a support group offered through Carnegie Mellon's School of Architecture and local professionals that is committed to redefining the frontiers of design, development and building and to creating new opportunities for growth and development. Cornerstones enhances architectural education, provides scholarship funds and opens doors for career opportunities. This organization also provides a link between the design, development and building communities. Members encourage the use of local expertise, strive to attract new business to the region and are a strong voice in local policy-making. The Urban Lab at the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture allows members and other organizations involved in all aspects of regional development to share their discoveries through specialized workshops and discussions. Cornerstones also sponsors workshops focusing on issues of national, international and global significance.

Carnegie Mellon University's School of Architecture, established in 1904, is one of the most distinguished architecture programs in the United States. The defining interests of the School of Architecture are integrated design education, sustainable design, advanced building systems, computational design, urban design and professional practice. The School of Architecture is one of five schools within Carnegie Mellon's College of Fine Arts, which also encompasses the Schools of Art, Design, Drama and Music. The College of Fine Arts also sponsors arts-affiliated programs and research centers.

Registration fees are $100 for general admission and a one-year membership with Cornerstones, $70 for general admission, $25 for government employees, and $10 for faculty and students. To register for "Symposium 2004—Pittsburgh Prosperous and Sustainable," or for more information about the symposium or Cornerstones, contact Bob Johnston at 412-268-9554. For more information about the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, visit For more information about the College of Fine Arts, visit or contact Eric Sloss at 412-268-5765 or

The schedule for "Symposium 2004—Pittsburgh Prosperous and Sustainable" follows.

Symposium 2004—Pittsburgh Prosperous and Sustainable
Tentative Schedule

7:30 a.m. Breakfast
8:00 a.m. Welcome—Arthur Schwotzer, President, Cornerstones
Introductions—Vivian Loftness, Distinguished Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon
8:05 a.m. Opening Address—Glenn Meakem, President and CEO of The Meakem Company, former Chairman and CEO of FreeMarkets, Inc.
"Overcoming Pessimism—Pittsburgh's Opportunity"
8:30 a.m. Topic: Global Enterprise
Introductions—John Kosar, British American Business Council, PRA
Maria Kaika, University Lecturer, University of Oxford
Gordon Clark, DSc Professor, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
9:10 a.m. Topic: Place
Alan Simpson, Head of Urban Renaissance, Yorkshire Forward, UK
9:50 a.m. Leadership
Janet Milkman, President, 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
"Outreach and Public Participation"
10:30 a.m. Coffee Break and School of Architecture Exhibits
10:45 a.m. Topic: Leadership
Amy Liu, Assistant Director, Brookings Institute, and
Don Smith, Director of Economic Development for the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon,
"Renewing Pennsylvania, Brookings Institute Report, 'Back to Prosperity'"
11:30 a.m. Keynote Address—Tasman Storey
12:15 p.m. Wrap-up—Vivian Loftness
1:00 p.m. Adjournment


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