Carnegie Mellon Press Release: May 27, 2004
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Eric Sloss

For immediate release:
May 27, 2004

Carnegie Mellon University Recent Graduates Participate in International Design Project, Display Work in Antwerp Museum

PITTSBURGH—Five recent graduates from Carnegie Mellon University have been participating in an interdisciplinary, international project, sponsored by the Enkeboll Foundation for the Arts and Architecture. The project challenges students to address the need for architecture to respond to social and physical mobility. Student teams from Carnegie Mellon, North Carolina State University and Belgium's Henry van de Velde Higher Institute of Architecture have been participating in the project. On June 18, 2004, the participants will present the products of their semester-long project at an exhibit in Belgium. MoMu, the fashion museum in Antwerp, will feature the students' design processes and full-scale models of their design solutions.

The Carnegie Mellon team, starting as fifth-year architecture students Jaime Donate, Chad Edgley, Sooran Kim, Jeanne Mam and Lauren Schmidt, led by Laura Lee, the newly appointed head of the School of Architecture, has been working with faculty and students from other participating institutions to explore the portability of an individual's personal space.

The project, "A Room in a Room," draws a parallel relationship between designing a room and designing furniture. The goal for this project is to design a space that can be moved with an individual from one place to another, creating a sense of stability and familiarity. The project challenges students to combine interior, industrial and commercial design, as well as architecture and production, to create products that Enkeboll may be able to produce, manufacture and market.

Student teams from each institution have been working together to create their own solution to the "Room in a Room" theme. Each team traveled to the participating institutions to present their work and share their expertise. "The project has been a great opportunity to interact with other design disciplines and understand their methods," Donate said. "We have been exposed to different ways of thinking about a common problem and how to deal with it at different scales. There's been the opportunity for a cultural exchange of ideas as we have students from the U.S., Europe and Latin America." The process of critiquing the work of other teams and presenting their own work has provided students with the opportunity to see their proposals from alternative perspectives, challenging them to incorporate new ideas.

The School of Architecture is one of five schools within Carnegie Mellon's College of Fine Arts. The College of Fine Arts is a community of nationally and internationally recognized artists and professionals organized into Architecture, Art, Design, Drama and Music, and their associated centers and programs.

For more information, contact Eric Sloss,, 412-268-5765, or visit


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